Look forward to some interesting and educational sessions,
which will leave you feeling motivated and informed.

  • Workshop 1-Truths, Myths & Rumours - 12pm

    Let’s skip the “he said”, “she said” and “someone told me” and get to the truth of the matter: Do you really know what the score is when it comes to facing the consequences of a range of crimes?

    This interactive workshop will give you an opportunity to pit your knowledge against others in the audience as you get a chance to pose questions and figure out the answer to a range of law and order scenarios. Come ready to chat, pose a question and walk away better informed.

    Run by Metropolitan Police Service
  • Workshop 2- How to make money by following your dreams - 11am

    If you want to learn the principles of what you need to do in order to turn your dreams into reality and to start making money from doing something you love, then attend this workshop.

    Delivered by a motivational speaker and mentor, Wayne Jordan will challenge you through a series of fun games, activities and debates designed to leave you fired up and empowered with the knowledge to progress your goals. Attendees will have the opportunity to win Money, T-Shirts and books throughout.

    Run by M.A.D. Workshops
  • Workshop 3- 'Mind Matters' workshop - 11am

    Calling generation Z to 'Speak Out'!!

    Social Media, Bullying, School, Anxiety, Depression are all up for discussion at the 'Mind Matters' workshop. They say that your generation (those born after 2000) are among the unhappiest young people in the world. WHAT DO YOU SAY?

    Join us as we take on the BIG debate, bring your voice and meet us there as we tackle REAL issues in a REAL way with REAL people.

    Run by The Rapha Project

  • Workshop 4 - D to A: Determination to Achievement - 12pm

    From a D to A: Determination to Achievement is an inspirational workshop delivered by Michael Adesite, a 26 year old Senior Consultant at Ernest & Young - one of the biggest Professional Services firms in the world. Ranked in the top 100 of the annual Powerlist Publication for Britain’s Most Outstanding Black Graduates in 2012 his tale – starting in a modest council block - is sure to set you alight.

    Run by Michael Adesite