Nominate a Young Person

LYC2017 recognises the positive influence that young people can have upon their peers, as well as the outstanding contribution they can make to their communities, be they local, national or international..


For the second year at Lewisham Youth Conference we invite you to nominate candidates for the two awards in the following categories

Community Achievement Award

Are you a young person that has managed to stay positive and focused in the face of extreme challenges? Have you bounced back from a set-back that would have thrown others off course?

If you think your story (or that of a young person you know) could act as an inspiration to other young people, then please complete the nomination form below.

Stay Inspired Achievement Award

Are you a community champion? Do you help improve the area in which you live by building relationships between different people, or by helping to organise activities that improve the lives of others.

These are just some of the ways we can make a difference, so if you are a young person, or you know someone who is and they fit the bill please nominate them for this award by completing the form below..

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